My most fond memories as a kid is of running barefoot alongside my cousins on my grandpa's orange farm in brazil. Days would last so long, like time stopped. From far and near our family would gather and enjoy nature, from the time the rooster sang in the morning till the flames of the bon fire died at night.
It's those memories of freedom, nature and family connection, that I hope to bring to my photography.
In 2004 I came to America and before long I met my soul mate. Ten years later our son was born.
Motherhood awakened in me a connection I never felt before. Through that realization I found my purpose - to capture honest, loving moments for other families. I want other moms and dads to have their unique story live on forever.
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"I highly recommend Poli, she is an amazing photographer. We’ve done a few sessions and she’s so down to earth that the whole family feels comfortable and at ease and it shows in the final product. They’re not your standard posed photos—they’re amazing lifestyle photos that really capture the love. The photographs are truly beautiful!" - Karen (google review)

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"The anticipation and excitement of waiting for and seeing the preview of your photos is so overwhelming! I totally feel for all my client anxiously awaiting their reveals!
I'm so glad I found Poliana and we chose her to capture these special memories of our tiny, silly family. She is so good at her craft, and so lovely to work with. I love my boys so much and these photos will be hung all over my house until we book our next session!"

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