Born and raised in beautiful Brasil, I was exposed to a full spectrum of life, from the hustle and bustle of big city Sao Paulo to the slow and sleepy beach towns nestled in the Atlantic Forest.

My love for photography began in college while studying journalism, and it continued to grow as I went to work as a reporter and photojournalist for a local newspaper. That was when I began to see, through my lens, the natural beauty around me.  

In 2004, looking to discover a new world and eager to learn another language, I packed my bags and headed for the United States. I continued to photograph my new surroundings in order to document my journey, and I couldn't help but become enamored with the wild.  The beauty of North America enchanted me. I began to contemplate the vastness of the universe and how short time we have to live on this beautiful planet. I wanted to record it; to freeze a moment in time; to freeze my moment at that specific location on our blue planet.

 I am- and hope to always be- continually inspired by the people and places that are part of my life.


Here are a few of the places where my work has been exhibited or published:

- 70 South Gallery, Morristown, NJ

- Salmagundi Club, New York City, NY

- Harlequin Publishing Company, Canada

- Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ

- ShutYourAperture onilne magazine

- OnlyInYourState website

- OnlyInNewJersey website


I was also lucky enough to have won several First Place and Best in Show awards at regional art shows throughout New Jersey and New York City, which led to my first experience being a judge at a respected photography/art show.

Artist Statement

My camera is an extension of myself. I look forward to bringing it with me everywhere I go; excited, knowing that at any moment I may come across something beautiful.
I don`t believe a true photographer just takes a photograph, but instead, they make one, through vision, patience, feeling, planning, emotion, time, inspiration and although we often do not want to admit it, luck.
It is gratifying being able to create photographs inspired by the natural world. It tends to put everything in perspective for me when I realize how instead of being the focus of everything that I am only a small part in a beautiful natural symphony.
Photography connects me to the world at a deeper level which brings me peace. I humbly and hopefully try to share these connections and feelings with others through the photos I take.